About Us

We know that fixings don’t need to be confusing. At Wall Wizard we are passionate and firmly believe that selecting the right fixing for the right wall with the right load rating should be simple. With this in mind, we have set up a simple website that needs no more than 3 steps to return results that you can rely on. 

We’ve been doing construction stuff for over 45 years and been into the detail with fixings for 10. During this time we have been keen to develop a simple to use and visually pleasing platform that removes all of the mystique and risk around selecting wall fixings. 

We have built on previous experience, looked at this business with fresh eyes, and asked how we bring a simple, intuitive and pain free experience to the consumer and tradesperson when choosing wall fixings or hooks. We think we’ve achieved something pretty good, but we’ll let you be the judge of that with your reviews! 

We don’t feel business or wall fixings need to be complicated, and we aim to offer you the best selling and most trusted selection of wall fixings and hooks on the market today.

We value and strive to genuinely offer industry beating service and stock levels to support your purchase, but if you feel Wall Wizard ever falls short, please contact us via live chat!