Below are quick tips on fixing to different wall types. Select your wall type to find out more!

Masonry Wall

  • For example brick, blockwork, stonework or aerated concrete
  • Avoid fixing to crumbling materials or mortar

Dot & Dab Wall

  • Common in most modern houses
  • Plasterboard attached to blockwork with a void between, often sounds hollow when knocked

Plasterboard Wall

  • Usually fixed over blockwork (“dot and dab”) or timber studs
  • Stud walls tend to be thinner and sound more hollow than dot and dab

Insulated Plasterboard

  • Thicker than standard plasterboard due to attached insulation board
  • Regular plasterboard fixings may not work – ensure fixing is long enough

Multimaterial Wall

  • Walls can be made of multiple types of materials
  • Look for fixings suitable for multiple materials e.g. masonry and plasterboard

Other Wall Types

  • E.g. Lath and plaster, lime plaster, cob, wood panelling or wattle and daub
  • Anchor to solid parts of a solid wall and treat hollow materials like plasterboard